A Guide for Doing Business This Year

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James Watters
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A Guide For Doing Business This Year is a self help, business management, guide book. James G Watters takes you through everything you need to know and do to operate a successful small business. The chapters are set up in an interesting way so that each main topic corresponds to a week number 1 – 52. The beauty of it, though, is you don’t have to start at the beginning if you don’t want to. You can use it as a go-to book on the different aspects of your company.
Mr. Watters states at the bottom of the table of contents, “Start anywhere you want. Pick a topic, keep an open mind and prepare for change.” He understands that some businesses are farther along in the process than others who may be just starting out. He knows that there are business owners that can use this book as a go-to book for specific aspects of their company where as another company may need to start at week one and work their way to the end of the book. Mr. Watters has made this book so flexible and information saturated, that any small business owner could pick it up and get something useful on any page of the book.
He includes a way to obtain interactive worksheets as well. Those will come in handy, especially for the kinesthetic learners out there that need to actually do it to learn it rather than just read about it and know what to do. He gives step by step instructions on how to not just run your business but how to grow your business in a healthy way. He explains many ways you can keep the customers not only happy but loyal. I really like the suggestion of the “special dates” customer cards. He says to have your customers write down some special dates (i.e. birthday, anniversary, etc.) and file them by month. A couple weeks before the next month, pull out the corresponding cards and send courtesy reminders to their friends and family that the specified customer has a giftable date coming up. Then, when the gifters come in to purchase something for the special person, you have them fill out a card for themselves. Thus your customer list grows and grows.
I won’t spoil all the fun here in my review. I want you to read it and learn on your own at your own pace. No matter what stage you’re at, whether it be thinking about starting a business, or advanced enough that you could use some pointers on how to make it better, this is the book that replaces all other business self help books. With this guide in your hand you are sure to see great results. Have fun, enjoy the experience, and keep an open mind. Happy reading!

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Table of Contents
How Much Money? 9 Week 4 Getting Started Structures 11 Week 5 Attitude Yeah But 14 Week 6 Customers 16 Week 7 Goals 22 Week 8 Employe...
Prices Impact on Profits 101
Some Ideas Questions for the Boss 105
Profit Sharing 137
Estimating Market Potential 139
Community Responsibility 143
Moments of Frustration 146
Sources of Help 149
Gathering Customer Information 151
Ideas About Advertising 153

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