A-HA! Performance: Building and Managing a Self-Motivated Workforce

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Praise for A-HA! Performance

"Since I wrote Choice Theory many years ago, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one major human problem: we have yet to figure out how to get along well with each other. In this book, Walker supports this conclusion with humor, creativity, and great insight. Managers who both follow his suggestions and teach them to those they manage will be rewarded with a happy and profitable workplace. And do it at less cost than the company is spending now."
--William Glasser, MD, President and founder,William Glasser Institute, and author of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

"If ever there was a title that perfectly matched the content of a book, this is it. I have never experienced more a-ha's from a book in my life. One of the biggest a-ha's is that you don't build a motivated workforce--you already have one! If you manage people--and especially if you aspire to truly lead people--then this book is required reading. Rock-solid ideas from a master on motivation."
--Joe Calloway, author of Work Like You're Showing Off!

"An amazingly practical and prodigiously useful resource to help create and bolster a world-class sales force, but also a blueprint for better living in general. An absolute mandatory read for all my employees, not to mention friends and family members. I don't know anyone who couldn't benefit from applying the A-HA model. The title might be more apropos if it were 'Holy cow! Where's this been my whole career?'"
--Robert H. Fleet, Branch Manager, National Builder Division, Countrywide Home Loans

"A-HA! Performance should be mandatory reading for every manager. Each chapter offers simple and compelling methods for building and managing a self-motivated workforce. The realistic examples presented throughout the book reinforce the steps in the A-HA model and provide the foundation for easy application to professional and personal situations."
--Ann Owens, Vice President, Total Rewards Management, QUALCOMM

"Avoiding a fight-or-flight reaction from an employee who needs coaching on improved performance or behavior changes requires the manager understand the employee's vested interest. Walker teaches the skills required to effectively create three wins: for the company, the employee, and the manager. It's a must-read for all leaders who want to be more proficient in getting needed performance changes from their employees by improving their own nurturing, coaching, or mentoring skills. I'm reading it for the third time and still gleaning more tips and insights. Even though it's constructed as a managerial self-help book, it's really an insightful, powerful textbook, and as such needs to be studied."
--Ron Cook, National Accounts Manager, 3M

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About the author (2007)

Douglas Walker, MS, is cofounder of A-HA! Performance Solutions, cre-ator of the A-HA! Performance Model, a highly regarded manager and sought after keynote speaker, trainer, executive coach, human capital management consultant, executive career advisor, and leading expert in intrinsic motivation management. He teaches A-HA! at SDSU and UCSD and served as senior faculty at the William Glasser Institute and as the Managing Consultant of the San Diego office of DBM, an international leader in transition services.

Stephen Sorkin, MBA, is cofounder of A-HA! Performance Solutions, focusing on business development and marketing, while also involved with developing and delivering A-HA! Performance products and services. He has repeatedly commercialized and developed ideas into globally competing businesses, including award-winning and industry standard–setting human capital management solutions.

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