A Handbook for Travellers in Egypt: Including Descriptions of the Course of the Nile Through Egypt and Nubia, Alexandria, Cairo, the Pyramids and Thebes, the Suez Canal ...

J. Murray, 1873 - 507 ページ
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86 ページ - If these writings of the Greeks agree with the book of God, they are useless, and need not be preserved: if they disagree, they are pernicious, and ought to be destroyed.
75 ページ - And they sat down to eat bread ; and they lifted up their eyes, and looked, and behold, a company of Ishmaelites came from Gilead with their camels, bearing spicery, and balm, and myrrh, going to carry it down to Egypt.
195 ページ - A rocky isle, encumber'd once with sand ; And near the pyramids have bid thee stand: Not that fierce Sphinx that Thebes erewhile laid waste, But great Latona's servant mild and bland; Watching that prince beloved who fills the throne Of Egypt's plains, and calls the Nile his own. That heavenly monarch [who his foes defies], Like Vulcan powerful [and like Pallas wise].
452 ページ - ... it is the capital of the province of the same name, and has two fairs annually, which are much frequented.
145 ページ - I have given bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked, and a shelter to the stranger.
196 ページ - Comely the creature is, but the comeliness is not of this world. The once worshiped beast is a deformity and a monster to this generation; and yet you can see that those lips, so thick and heavy, were fashioned according to some ancient...
405 ページ - And the king of Egypt came not again any more out of his land : for the king of Babylon had taken from the river of Egypt unto the river Euphrates all that pertained to the king of Egypt.
441 ページ - Osirei himself, the founder of the hall. The two at the other end were also partly built into the projecting wall of the doorway, as appears from their rough sides, which were left uneven for that purpose.* Attached to this doorway are two other towers, closing the inner extremity of the hall ; beyond which are two obelisks, one still standing on its original site, the other having been thrown down, and broken by human violence. Similar, but smaller, propyla succeed* to this court, of which they...
300 ページ - I visited this place, and found it to surpass description ; for if all the walls and other great works of the Greeks could be put together in one, they would not equal, either for labour or expense, this Labyrinth; and yet the temple of Ephesus is a building worthy of note, and so is the temple of Samos.
213 ページ - CANST thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down.