A History of Caroline County, Virginia: From Its Formation in 1727 to 1924

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Trevvet Christian, 1924 - Caroline County (Va.) - 528 pages

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Page 114 - You may enjoy yourselves with innocent mirth, treating one another according to ability, but avoiding all excess, or forcing any brother to eat or drink beyond his inclination, or hindering him from going when his occasions call him, or doing or saying anything offensive, or that may forbid an easy and free conversation ; for that would blast our harmony, and defeat our laudable purposes.
Page 38 - That a committee be chosen in every county, city, and town, by those who are qualified to vote for representatives in the legislature, whose business it shall be attentively to observe the conduct of all persons touching this association...
Page 474 - After the death of her husband, she made her home with her sisters, Mrs. Rowland Greene Tyler and Miss Isabelle Morgan Thomas, at "Retreat," King William county, Va., where she died April 4, 1920.
Page 509 - ... that, if it pleased him, wee would spare him till some other tyme. I never failed to take such noates by wrighting out of his doctrine as my capacity could comprehend, vnless some raynie day hindred my indeauor.
Page 499 - Merchaunt's hand. He prayed them further to consider the long tyme before wee expected Captn. Newport's retorne ; the incertainty of his retorne, if God did not fauor his voyage ; the long tyme before our haruest would bee ripe ; and the doubtfull peace that wee had wth the Indyans, wch they would keepe no longer then oportunity served to doe vs mischief.
Page 506 - Collony; and did also proffer to furnish them wth lOOti towards the fetching home the Collonye, if the action was given ouer. They did like of none of my proffers, but made diuers shott att mee in the pynnasse. I seeing...
Page 505 - I added further, that vpon Sundaie, if the weathiar were faire, I would be at the sermon. Lastly, I said that I was so sickly, starued, lame, and did lye so could and wett in the pynnasse, as I would be dragged thithere before I would goe thither any more.
Page 183 - Here lived and died WILLIAM CLARK 1770-1838 of the LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION Soldier, Explorer, Territorial Governor, Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Erected September 23, 1906, The One Hundredth Anniversary of The Return of The Expedition.
Page 496 - Right Worp^ and more worthy : l — MY due respect to yourselves, my allegiance (if I may so terme it) to the Virginean action, my good heed to my poore reputacon, thrust a penne into my handes ; so iealous am I to bee missing to any of them. If it wandereth in extravagantes, yet shall they not bee idle to those physitions whose loves have undertaken the saftie and advancement of Virginia. It is no small comfort that I speake before such gravitie, whose iudgement no forrunner can forestall with any...
Page 44 - Peyton Randolph, Richard Henry Lee, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Richard Bland...

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