A History of Zoroastrianism: The Early Period

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Mary Boyce
BRILL, 1989 - Religion - 349 pages

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It is not the fly agaric ! Much evidence to such the Psilocybe Cubensis! Cattle in mythology says it all not pine or birch trees !
I havnt read it , but I know for a dull fact for it to be the Cubensis mushroom to be the Soma

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.....In the 3 volumes by Boyce she takes the long history of Zoroastrianism from about 1000 BCE to about 400 CE. It does not flow either quickly or smoothly, but Boyce masterfully puts order into that imperfectly documented flow.........The fresh reader into Zoroastrianism will be helped greatly by the Forward section of this volume ...........In that Forward, she quickly reviews the great quantity of information which has been collected about that time before the Zoroastrian texts were written down........In the body of the book, much of that collected information - on the earliest times of Zoroastrianism - is assembled from many sources into an orderly pattern....-----_________--------.... In the SECOND volume .... ISBN: 1st edition 9004065067 ..now.. 9789004065062 ----- Judaism and Zoroastrianism first come closely together when - for approximately 50 years - the leaders of Judah live in exile mingling with Zoroastrian Magi in Babylon. Cyrus the Great, and the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem are prominent in the second volume. .....-------------...... In the THIRD volume .....;; ISBN: 9004092714, a later maturing of Zoroastrianism occurs..._______.... In ++DAWN and TWILIGHT of ZOROASTRIANISM++ the reader will find religion at the fore and history, the arrow of time, thought of as secondary  


The gods of pagan Iran
Ahura Mazda Angra Mainyu and the Bounteous Immortals
The unrecorded centuries
The legends of Zoroaster and his sons
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