A History of the National Library of Medicine: The Nation's Treasury of Medical Knowledge

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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine, 1982 - 531 halaman
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Halaman 85 - September, 1780. DEAR SIR, I have heard that a new arrangement is about to take place in the medical department, and that it is likely it will be a good deal curtailed with respect to many of its present appointments. Who will be the persons generally employed I am not informed, nor do I wish to know. However, I will mention to you that I think Dr.
Halaman 143 - There are filed iu the record and pension division over sixteen thousand (18,000) bound volumes of hospital upcords, together with a great quantity of papers, embracing the original records of the hospitals of our armies during the civil war. Aside from their historical value, these records are daily searched for evidence needed in the settlement of large numbers of pension and other claims, for the protection of the government against attempted frauds, as well as for the benefit of honest claimant.1*.
Halaman 286 - A Brief Rule To Guide the Common People of New England How to order themselves and theirs in the Small Pocks, or Measels.
Halaman 457 - The issues raised by this case are but part of a larger problem which continues to plague our institutions •with ever-increasing complexity — how best to reconcile, on the one hand, the rights of authors and publishers under the copyright laws with, on the other hand, the technological improvements in copying techniques and the legitimate public need for rapid dissemination of scientific and technical literature.
Halaman 124 - ... express their opinions to Congress. Should the catalogue be printed as proposed? Or should the authors be omitted, thus saving three volumes? Is it desirable that a cheaper style of publication be adopted? What is the value of such an index to the people of the United States as compared with an expedition to the North Pole, five miles of subsidized railroad, one company of cavalry, or a small post-office building?
Halaman 122 - Fourth. That those of the delegates to this International Medical Congress who are citizens of the United States, and other members of the Medical Profession in this country, are urged individually to exert their influence to secure the enlargement of the library, and the speedy publication of the Catalogue.
Halaman 481 - INDEX MEDICUS.— A Monthly Classified Record of the Current Medical Literature of the World.
Halaman 107 - Joint resolution to encourage the establishment and endowment of institutions of learning at the national capital by defining the policy of the government with reference to the use of its literary and scientific collections by students: Whereas, Large collections illustrative of the various arts and sciences, and facilitating literary and scientific research, have been accumulated by the action of Congress through a series of years at the national capital...
Halaman 122 - That the Specimen Fasciculus of the Catalogue, which is stated to be nearly ready for the press, affords evidence of great labor and care, and the arrangements for convenience of reference it is believed will prove in all respects satisfactory.
Halaman 85 - Cochran from their services, abilities and experience, and their close attention, have the strictest claims to their country's notice, and to be among the first officers in the establishment. There are many other deserving characters in the medical line of the army, but the reasons for my mentioning the above gentlemen are, that...

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