A.I.D. Economic Data Book: East Asia

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Page 37 - ... source. Section 112 of the act set forth special provisions relating to procurement of agricultural commodities. Now, as to our special programs for which the agency has been responsible. The first of these, title II, Public Law 480, the 83d Congress : This authorizes the use of up to $800 million of commodities held in stock by the Commodity Credit Corporation to help friendly foreign people to meet famine or other urgent or extraordinary relief requirements. Payment of ocean freight costs on...
Page 5 - Total Agricultural Production Per Capita Agricultural Production 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 YEAR Base 1952-1966-100 Source: FAO Production Yearbook, 1970...
Page 37 - net" basis, that is, new obligations from funds appropriated for that fiscal year, plus or minus reobligations or deobligations of prior year funds. A minus figure indicates deobligations in excess of new obligations.
Page 11 - AID 10-71* is a standardized compilation of a country's central government finances covering all the budgetary and" extrabudgetary accounts of the central government sector except the operations or government enterprises ana social insurance funds.
Page 37 - From Excess Stocks" represents the acquisition value of equipment and supplies excess to the requirements of the US granted to countries without charge to MAP-appropriated funds. These amounts are shown for information only, and are not included in the total. Negative amounts represent redistribution to other countries or areas. OTHER MILITARY ASSISTANCE Included here are the military portion of "Greek-Turkish Aid". "China Naval- Aid", "PL Ь5Ь Philippines Aid
Page 2 - Java is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and the possibilities of increasing the crop acreage of the island are practically at an end.
Page 4 - Four-fifths of the surface of the Federation of Malaya is covered by dense tropical jungle. The only generally cleared parts of the country are the long stretches down the west coast, an area in the north and a number of open stretches up the principal rivers. The State of Trengganu, for example, is divided into sixteen river basins all of which empty into the China Sea.
Page 37 - Loans authorized by the Inter-American Development Bank from the social progress trust fund, up until — and this includes expectations of authorizations tomorrow, up to August 3.
Page 37 - US dollars (at export market cost) are shown in total as loans, repayable in up to twenty years. The data include any private trade agreements financed under the Act. Title II Donations for Emergency Relief and Economic Development; This part of Title II authorizes funds for the transfer of commodities held in stock by the Commodity Credit Corporation to help friendly foreign people meet famine or other urgent or extraordinary relief requirements, or to promote economic development. The data represent...
Page 5 - Venezuela 1968 591 512 30 49 t - Numbers indicate basic sources listed on next page. na or blank space • not available; a dash indicates zero, p - Preliminary. E - Estimate. • - End of period. | - Based on disbursements; for coverage of data see General Note on Debt in Regional Section. * - Less than one-half the unit shown. ** - Converted at 2.5 colones per US $. a - In the cities of San Salvador, Mejicanos, and Villa Delgado.

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