A Journey Beyond Silence: A Story of Hearing Loss

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Elometer returns from the hospital only to discover that she can no longer hear the voices of her friends and family. In fact, she can't hear anything at all.

It's hard enough for a young girl to deal with such a loss, but things get even worse when her stern family takes her out of school and hides her from the outside world. The playmates she manages to keep wildly gesture and even throw things to get her attention, alienating her even further.

Eventually, Elometer stops fantasizing about one day having her hearing return, and she takes steps to thrive in a world that misunderstands her and treats her differently. But her spirit and determination enable her to succeed.

Take a peek into a world that millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing people must live in every day and be inspired by a woman who doesn't let anyone or anything hold her back in A Journey Beyond Silence. That a little deaf girl who was kept isolated and hidden for twenty years was able to marry, have children and succeed as a seamstress in New York City is remarkable.

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