A Kabbalah for the Modern World: How God Created the Universe

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Julian Press, 1974 - Cabala - 171 pages
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The Creation
The Cosmic Egg
The Creator

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A. E. Waite According Adam Kadmon Aesch AHIH Ain Soph AIN SUP akasha Aleph ancient angelic order antiparticle antiproton Aralim archangel archetypal Aristotelian logic ascribed Assiah Atziluth balah Binah Book of Genesis Briah called Chesed Chokmah circumcision concept correspond cosmic egg cosmic energy created Daath Deity Dion Fortune Divine earth Eheieh element Elohim essence evil existence extraversion and introversion female fifth element force Four Worlds Garden of Eden Geburah Gematria Genesis George Gamow Gershom Scholem glyph God name Hebrew alphabet Hebrew language Heinrich Graetz Holy Kabbalah IHVH Infinite Light Intel Isaac Luria Israel Jehovah Judah Halevi Jung Jungian Kabba Kabbalistic doctrine Kabbalistic tradition Kether known kuth letters libido male Malkuth manifestation Marah material plane material world Maurice Goldhaber means Metatron Middle Pillar Moses Moses Cordovero Moses de Leon Mother Mystical Qabalah nature negative Neshamah Netzach neutronium Notarikon numbers ovum Path Path—(connecting pentagram Pillar of Judgment Pillar of Mercy Pingala plane Practical Kabbalah Primordial Point principle proton Qliphoth Qoph Rabbi Akiba Rabbi Simon Resh Ruach S. L. MacGregor Mathers Saadia Gaon Sandalphon secret doctrine seen Sepher Yetzirah sephira Septuagint sexual Shekinah Shushumna soul sphere Star of David Supernal symbol ten sephiroth Teth Tetragrammaton theory of relativity thought forms Thus tion Tiphareth Torah Tree triad symbol Tzadkiel union universe Vulgate woman World of Action World of Creation World of Emanation World of Formation Yesod Zayin Zohar

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