A Kid’s Guide to Cleopatra: An eBook Just for Kids

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Golgotha Press - Computers
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Imagine if we had a President who was 15 years old when he/she took office. Imagine that it was a young girl, too. Imagine if that President could speak more than ten languages and ended up being married to two of the most powerful leaders of other governments during her time in office. Imagine if our leader then entered into a war with the largest nation on the planet...and lost that war. This is exactly what happened to Cleopatra, or actually to Cleopatra VII Philopator, the very last pharaoh to rule Ancient Egypt. Find out more about this fascinating life in this biography! Adults! Turn away! This book is not for you! eKids Books is proud to present a new series of books for all the readers who matter the most: Kids, of course! Visit eKidsPress.com to learn more!

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