A Labor Approach to the Development of the Self Or Modern Personality: The Case of Public Education

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Universal-Publishers, 2001 - Education - 108 pages
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Karl Mannheim, and Karl Marx suggested that there is a relationship between economic and political institutions and that behaviors and attitudes are influenced by this. Viewing this postulate as a conception which posits the economic mode of production as the locus of causality for culture, this examination of capitalism as culture, investigates how education and its pedagogical techniques, as a means of "enculturation," reflects the capitalist economic mode of production. Building on the theoretical notions in the Sociology of knowledge and Structuralism, this hermeneutical analysis discusses how pedagogical techniques and curriculum arrangements of public schools in capitalist societies correlate with the organization of labor (for it is that role of the self which is dominant in capitalist societies). Data for this research was gathered through the content analysis of pedagogical techniques and curriculum arrangements adopted by The School Board of Broward County, Florida. Results show that the current shift in the organization of labor (from industrial to post-industrial) parallels, and therefore correlates with, the shift in curriculum and pedagogical arrangements of The School Board of Broward County, Florida; as such, it is a legitimate claim to suggest that the socialization of the self is determined by its relation to the mode of production.

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Page 18 - identify themselves with the existence which is imposed upon them and have in it their own development and satisfaction
Page 18 - an immediate identification of the individual with his society and, through it, with the society as a whole
Page 14 - a standard form of American material life, along with Northamerican values and cultural forms, is being systematically transmitted to other cultures. Nor is this simply a matter of machinery and buildings, which increasingly make all the places of the world look alike. It is not only a matter of values
Page 13 - .Misrecognition of the social determinants of the educational career---and therefore of the social trajectory it helps to determine---gives the educational certificate the value of a natural right and makes the educational system one of the fundamental agencies of the maintenance of the social order.
Page 13 - every appearance of neutrality, and establishes hierarchies which are not experienced as purely technical, and therefore partial and one-sided, but as total hierarchies, grounded in nature, so that social value comes to be identified with ‘personal' value, scholastic dignities with human dignity.

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