A Latin Primer

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American Book Company, 1911 - Latin language - 240 pages
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Page 181 - Nom. hie haec hoc hi hae haec Gen. huius huius huius horum harum horum Dat. huic huic huic his his his Ace. hunc hanc hoc hos has haec Abl. hoc hac hoc ' his his his iste, this, that (of yours), he Nom.
Page 228 - A Latin word has as many syllables as it has vowels or diphthongs (ae, au, oe, ei, eu, ui).
Page 127 - Nom. acer acris acre acres acres acria Gen. acris acris acris acrium acrium acrium Dat. acri acri acri acribus acribus acribus Ace. acrem acrem acre acris, -es acris, -es acria Abl.
Page 136 - SINGULAR PLURAL MASC. FEM. NEUT. MASC. FEM. NEUT. Nom. ipse ipsa ipsum ipsi: ipsae ipsa Gen. ipsi:'us ipsi:'us ipsi:'us ipso:rum ipsa:rum ipso:rum Dat. ipsi: ipsi: ipsi: ipsi:s ipsi:s ipsi:s Ace. ipsum ipsam ipsum ipso:s ipsa:s ipsa Abl. ipso: ipsa: ipso: ipsi:s ipsi:s ipsi:s hie, _this_ (here), _he_ Nom.
Page 199 - N. quidam quaedam quaedam G. quorundam quarundam quorundam D. quibusdam quibusdam quibusdam A. quosdam quasdam quaedam A. quibusdam quibusdam quibusdam REGULAR VERBS. First Conjugation.—A-Verbs.
Page 196 - Nom. duo duae duo Gen. duorum duarum duorum Dat. duobus duabus duobus Ace. duos, duo duas duo Abl. duobus duabus duobus a.
Page 61 - Participle denotes action going on at the same time as the action of the main verb, but in Ecc.
Page 5 - ... Intended for beginners, especially those in the upper grammar grades, this reader encourages the pupil to translate "at sight" in the most natural manner possible. The stories in the book are drawn largely from early American history, and not only are full of human interest but at the same time afford a most admirable opportunity for the introduction of the vocabulary and syntax of Latin historical narrative.
Page 198 - Nom. Gen. Dat. Ace. Abl. Masc. ipse ipsius ipsi ipsum ipso Fem. ipsa ipsius ipsi ipsam ipsa Neut. ipsum ipsius ipsi ipsum ipso Masc.
Page 182 - Dat. ill! ill! ill! illis illis illis Ace. ilium illam illud illos illas ilia Abl. illo ilia illo illis illis illis a.

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