A Layman's Guide to Religion: All You Ever Wanted to Know about Religion Before You Put the Subject to Rest and Get on with Your Life!

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AuthorHouse, 2001 - Religion - 192 pages

A Layman's Guide to Religion is a provocative, factual often-humorous personal study of evolution and religion. The author is unsparing in his contempt for all religions and cults and for the hypocritical rascals, the pied pipers who sidetrack their innocent victims, robbing many of them of their most productive years. The author finds those who claim to speak for God while defrauding the elderly of their life's savings especially loathsome.

One scholar, who prefers anonymity, remarked after reading the manuscript, that when published, this one thin volume would contain more common sense than the hundred of thousand dusty works by so called theologians over the past several millennia.

The comment was most gratifying as the author world rather have the admiration of one intelligent person whom the author highly regards than the admiration and even reverence of a billion fools!

Bold, blunt and unflinching, this thin volume, cuts through millenia of B.S.!

The author's purpose is not offend one religion but to denigrate all of them and, hopefully, replace religion with reason and common sense.

Targeting historical unpleasant facts in an engaging and humorous manner, and the role of evolution, the author shows where religion has today become a compost of hypocrisy and pretense and the root cause of all evil!

Plainly, this volume contains "All You Ever Wanted To Know About Religion Before You Put The Subject To Rest And Get On With Your Life!"


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