A Little South of Sundown

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This book is the story of two loves. One set back in the 1800's and running through the mid 1950's; the other is a modern day story beginning in 1955 and lasting through the mid 1980's. Quay Jasper relates the first story to us. It is the memories of an old man who is living out the last few years of a very interesting and heroic life. He tells how he met the beautiful Indian maiden, Bluebasket. He tells of his experiences of growing up in the wilds of frontier Montana. He shares his friendship with the Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy. He tells how he became a United States Marshall and a United States Senator. Although he led a full life, it was filled with grief and sorrow. the second story is about Linda, Quay Jasper's great granddaughter; and her husband, Juan Mc Gerald. the story tells how they met and about their whirlwind courtship. Ending tragically after a long and happy marriage of many years. the two stories are beautifully intertwined during the adventures of these two generations. You will laugh when they laugh, and cry at the sad moments. A true heart-warming story of two loves that will touch your heart.

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