A Man's Life in Question

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the story of a young blackman who has over came next to impossible odds just to survive the events in his earthly life. i also had to make sure my book was fair and balanced. it is based on a true story and i wanted to share it with the world and i am still going strong with god's blessing. i have also taken the liberty of including actual court papers, in my book for men who want to learn how to file for sole custody of their children. but they don't where to start this important process because i truely believe every parent should be there for their child because there really is no reason or excuse not to take care of your offspring. i look at it this way you owe it to your kid or kids and yourself as well as to god, this book is all about human emotions and being real about one's own life. and because life is a precious gift from god to the human race, and now i am going to share my own personal meaning of the word life. and it means living - intelligently -for - eternity i hope my future readers enjoy this book. and please note my writing era. has started from 1-8-1985 and my first title was self/published on 6-13-06 i personally designed my own bookcovers, & a new title will be release every two years until my last title is released on 03-08-2046 thank you kindly.

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