A Manual of Invertebrate Paleontology

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Stipes Publishing Company, Jan 1, 1983 - Science - 165 pages
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l2 Echinodermata

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abundant animal anus appendages Archaeocyatha arthropods asexual Asteroidea barnacles benthonic biostratigraphic Blastoidea body brachiopod Bryozoa calcareous calcium carbonate Cambrian Cambrian-Devonian Cambrian-Mississippian Cambrian-Permian Cambrian-Recent Cambrian-Triassic Carboniferous-Recent cavity cells Cephalopoda Chapter l2 Cirripedia Class Articulata classification Coelenterata coelenterates colonies composed of calcium conodonts Cretaceous-Recent crinoids Crustacea cystoids Dendroidea Devonian-Recent Diatoms Echinodermata echinoderms Echinoidea Edrioasteroidea exoskeleton Foraminiferida fossil record Gastropoda Graptolithina Graptoloidea Helicoplacoidea Holothuroidea Homalozoa Inarticulata index fossils Infraclass invertebrate Kingdom Late Precambrian-Recent lophophore marine medusa Merostomata molluscs Monoplacophora MORPHOLOGY mouth NOTES Chapter Oligocene-Recent Ophiuroidea Order Ordovician Ordovician-Devonian Ordovician-Permian Ordovician-Recent Ordovician-Silurian organs Ostracoda paleontologists Paleozoic Pelecypoda Pentamerida phyla Phylum plates polyp Polyplacophora pores Porifera preserved Protozoa radial symmetry Radiolaria Recent Receptaculitids Representative Genera reproduction Rhynchonellida Rotaliina rugose corals Scaphopoda Scleractinia Scyphozoa septa sessile shaped shell Silurian species specimens spicules Spiriferida Sponges stem stipes Strophomenida Subclass Suborder Subphylum substrate Synopsis Phylum Tabulata taxonomy tentacles tests thecae Triassic-Recent Trilobita valves zooecium

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