A Mathematical Dictionary: Or; A Compendious Explication of All Mathematical Terms, Abridged from Monsieur Ozanam, and Others. With a Translation of His Preface; and an Addition of Several Easie and Useful Abstracts; [etc., Etc.]

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J. Nicholson, 1702 - Mathematics - 84 pages
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Page 13 - Prove that the product of the sum and difference of any two numbers is equal to the square of the first, minus the square of the second.
Page 13 - In every triangle the sum of the three angles is equal to two right angles.
Page 121 - Every plane triangle consists of six parts, viz, three sides and three angles ; any three of which being given, except the three angles, the other three may be found by logarithm ical calculation. The three angles of every plane triangle, are together equal to 180
Page 57 - Followers iuppofed them, to be Meteors, or Exhalations, fet on Fire in the higheft Region of the Air : The modern Aftronomers have found them to be above the Orbit of the Moon, but yet to defcend fo low, as to move in the Region of the Planets.
Page 97 - As the Difference of the two firft, To the Difference of the two laft.
Page 61 - CY return again to the firft, and fo circulate perpetually .There are 3 principal Cycles in the Calendar. Cycle of the Sun, is a Revolution of a 8 Years, for finding out the Dominical Letters, which then 'return all in the fame Order as before.
Page 44 - ISffraCttOn, thu which is niade by the Ray of Incidence, prolonged through another Medium (as out of the Air into the Water) and the Ray of RefiacVon.
Page 161 - Wheel ) made of Wood or Iron, commonly half a Pole in Circumference, with a movement and a face divided, like a Clock with a long Rod of Iron or Steel, that goes from the Center of the Wheel to the Work. There are...
Page 76 - FttsW line to a Plane, is an acute- Angle, which that Line makes with any Line of the faid Plane, towards which it leans.

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