A Mathematical Manual: Containing Tables of Logarithms for Numbers, Sines, and Tangents. With the Manifold Use Thereof Briefly Explained and Applied in Arithmetick, Geometry, Astronomy, Geography, Surveying, Navigation, Dialling, Gunnery, and Gauging

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A. Clark, 1677 - Gaging - 201 pages
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Page 168 - The right Range of every Piece being difcharged in a Level or Parallel to the Horizon is fet down in the forgoing Table, in which the Cannon exceeds not i85 Pace:., that is 5 Fo<^< to each Pace.
Page 160 - Thirdly, Double fortified Pieces, or Extraordinary Pieces. This Fortification is reckoned by the thicknefs of the Metal at the Touch- hole, at the Trunnions, and . at the Muzzle, in proportion to the Diameter of the Bore. The Cannons double fortified...
Page 168 - Motions are confidered apart , or elfe joined together j but they are both of them fomwhat the longer, according as the Piece is mounted higher from the Level to the Angle of 45 degrees, which is the...
Page 161 - Ordnance, which will not endure fo much Powder as Brafs Guns by one Quarter. For Culverings the whole weight of their Shot for Proof...
Page 155 - Light-mark , as fhc fwims being ualaden, you fiiall have the weight or content of the empty Ship •> and if you meafure from this Light- mark to her full draught of Watet being ladehg, that will be the true Burden or Tunnageof the Ship.
Page 133 - Poles the other, What is the Content ? Multiply the length 40 by the breadth 30, it makes 1200 > which divide by 203 Д, it yields 5 Acres, 3 Roods, 23 Perches.
Page 132 - Multiply both the Perpendiculars by half the Diagonal Line, which is the common Bafe of both the Triangles, and divide by 1 60. ībiu let the t>iagettal-Kne be 40, me of the Perpendiculars 1 $,ibe other 8 } tbe/č tats added together niak...
Page 162 - Shot, that fo a third part of the Compafs may be left open, for the Powder to fall freely out of the Ladle when you turn it the bottom upwards.
Page 140 - Take the compafs thereof with a ftring,and then meaiuring the firing by your Ruler, fee how many Inches the Tree is in Compafs, and then find thofe Inches in the...
Page 163 - It is more rational and artificial to divide the Bore of the Gun into 20 equal parts, and let the Diameter of the Bulkt be i $ of thofe parts, according to which proportion the Table is calcu* latcd.

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