A Memoir of Enoch Lewis

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Press of F. S. Hickman, 1882 - 111 pages

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Page 80 - ... tranquillity which prevails, maybe suddenly disturbed — for the slumbering volcano retains its fires, and those who occupy its smoking verge may themselves become the victims of the devouring element. The slave is not the only object that demands our consideration. The introduction of negro slavery into the United States was not the work of the present generation. The system was entailed upon them by their ancestors : and justice demands the [admission, that evils, both moral and political,...
Page 24 - ... project, that the proposed expedition would not be accomplished without privation and exposure, and the hardships incident to a long journey in the wilderness far beyond the limits of the white settlements. He warned of the risk of sickness with such miserable attendance as a camp could supply, and which ought not to be encountered without due consideration, and that the dangers arising from the revengeful feelings of the Indians with whom a fierce war had been recently waged, and whose peaceful...
Page 56 - Heaven indulged of joy below To tempt our tarriance in this loved retreat ; Enough has Heaven ordained of useful woe To make us languish for a happier seat.
Page 69 - ... a retail store to buy a yard of tape, without leaving the impression that she was a superior woman.'' She had a fine face, features of the Grecian mould, and a tall and handsome form, and her carriage was queenly in dignity and self command. She was universally admired for the graces of her person, and honored, loved, and I may truly say, revered, for the graces of her mind and the qualities of her heart. Her society was attractive alike to the old and the young, the grave and the gay, the witty...
Page 69 - Friends using the products of slave labor before the Yearly Meeting of Philadelphia, in an address, which made a profound impression on that body, and constituted the first step to the formation of the Free Produce Association, organized some years afterwards. A gentleman, who knew her well, once said of her ; " she could not enter a retail store to buy a yard of tape, without leaving the impression that she was a superior woman.
Page 58 - Kellogg, who had been for a number of years a member of the Board of Trustees, and who had given zealous and efficient service to the Library, died.
Page 46 - For the. last quarter of a century there is no district in the world that is more fully supplied with mathematical learning than that embraced within those very limits. The seed thus sown germinated and yielded fruit largely. The benefits of solid education became widely diffused. Of the students who matriculate yearly at Yale and other eastern colleges, none are so thoroughly instructed in mathematics as those who come from Pennsylvania. The influence of the Westtown School on education in Chester...
Page 104 - It was that advancing years had satisfied him, more and more, of the insignificance of the differences among Christian sects and creeds, among forms of worship and external habits of life, and of the supreme importance of the common faith in Christ, and of the essential morality of the Christian system. These assurances were not needed by me, who already knew him as, under his straight coat and impassive face, bearing a heart no where excelled in the spirit of universal toleration, and of comprehensive...
Page 35 - ... of this kind more fully meets the popular demand for interesting and refined entertainment. In this collection will be found dialogues to suit every occasion, either for public entertainment or for a social evening at home. Humor and pathos are pleasantly blended, and provision is made for the wants of the young and the old, the grave and the gay, the experienced and the inexperienced. Paper binding, 30 cents ; cloth, 50 cents.

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