A Memoir of Sebastian Cabot: With a Review of the History of Maritime Discovery

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J. B. Lippincott Company, 1915 - America - 327 pages

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Page 169 - ... before, by this fame and report there increased in my heart a great flame of desire to attempt some notable thing.
Page 190 - JAMES, by the grace of God, king of England, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith; and of Scotland the seven and fortieth.
Page 300 - He kept a strait hand on his nobility, and chose rather to advance clergymen and lawyers, which were more obsequious to him, but had less interest in the people; which made for his absoluteness, but not for his safety.
Page 190 - Ordinances, Instructions, and Advertisements of, and for the direction of the intended voyage for Cathay, compiled, made, and delivered by the right worshipful M. Sebastian Cabota, Esq. Governour of the Mysterie and Companie of the Merchants Adventurers for the discoverie of Regions, Dominions, Islands, and places unknowen, the 9th day of May, in the yere of our Lord God 1553...
Page 159 - Among all the European arts, what he admired most was that of reading and writing ; and he long deliberated with himself, whether he should regard it as a natural or acquired talent.
Page 159 - This, he showed successively to several Spaniards, asking its meaning; and, to his amazement, they all, without hesitation, returned the same answer. At length, Pizarro entered, and, on presenting it to him, he blushed, and with some confusion was obliged to acknowledge his ignorance. From that moment, Atahualpa considered him as a mean person, less instructed than his own soldiers; and he had not address enough to conceal the sentiments with which this discovery inspired him. To be the object of...
Page 239 - These people are ill affected towards the English by reason of one Hunt, a master of a ship, who deceived the people and got them, under color of trucking with them, twenty out of this very place where we inhabit, and seven men from the Nausites, and carried them away, and sold them for slaves, like a wretched man (for twenty pound a man,) that cares not what mischief he doth for his profit.
Page 52 - It yeeldeth plenty of fish, and those very great as seales, and those which we commonly call salmons ; there are soles, also, above a yard in length, but especially there is great abundance of that kind of fish which the savages call baccalaos. In the same island also there breed hauks, but they are so black that they are very like to ravens, as also their partridges and eagles, which are in like sort blacke.
Page 10 - India) and came to that part of this firme lande which is nowe called Florida, where my victuals failing, I departed from thence and returned into England, where I found great tumults among the people, and preparation for warres in Scotland : by reason whereof there was no more consideration had to this voyage.
Page 220 - Yet there is reason to fear that in his extreme age the allowance which had been solemnly granted to him for life was fraudulently broken in upon. His birth-place we have seen denied. His fame has been obscured by English writers, and every vile calumny against him eagerly adopted and circulated. All his own Maps and Discourses " drawn and written by himself" which it was hoped might come out in print, " because so worthy monuments should not be buried in perpetual oblivion," have been buried in...

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