A Never Ending War

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Trafford Publishing, 2007 - Political Science - 354 pages

It is almost universally accepted that a small but lethal number of fanatics have hijacked the religion of Islam and are using it in a distorted way to justify terrorism. Although elements of this premise are correct it only tells part of the story of Islam's hostile forward movement into Western society. In fact this accepted premise is really the "tip of the iceberg." The whole story is more ominous and potentially far more deadly to Western culture than the activities of terrorists.

Through tracing the history of Islam from the seventh century to modern times while juxtaposing these events against the continual positioning of Islam as a religion of peace, tolerance and benevolence it becomes quite clear that Islam contains many characteristics but the self proclaimed attributes are not among them.

The belligerent nature of many Islamic positions and actions against the West are in fact clearly put forth in the Qur'an. The dictates of the Islamic Holy book are analyzed and shown for what they are by way of their application to Islamic policies and cultural constructs.

And even this is merely a further uncovering of the iceberg of Islamic antagonism to the West. The actual advancement of Islamic interests is not a conspiracy in any classical sense of the use of that word but is a reflection of the programs and activities that Islam utilizes to further its empowerment through immigration, energy control, cultural accommodations within the West, the manipulation of the Israeli, Palestine and Lebanon issues, Islam's emerging political presence in Western countries and politics, etc. All of these further the Islamic goal of power and dominance.

The acquisition of power by Islam cannot however be achieved without the support of the West through its policies, politics, lack of cohesive diplomacy, media reporting and benign positioning of many issues. A careful analysis of these categories and the linking of them to actual Islamic advancement are demonstrated. To counterbalance the aggressive encroachment on Western culture a set of realizable solutions are proposed. They include philosophical, political, energy and military policy proposals.

In a single book A Never Ending War presents some of the most vexing problems facing the West today and posits a set of solutions for those problems.

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