A New Dawn in the Millennium: Religious Mythologies - A Threat to World Peace and Personal Freedoms

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Could religious wars ultimately result in nuclear destruction of mankind? Perhaps, a new approach could bring a world at war to a new frontier with regard to theology. This text considers the basic tenets of ancient and modem beliefs in juxtaposition with logic and science. Monotheism, polytheism and anthropomorphism are presented from the standpoint of origin and historical teachings. The profound differences presented by philosophers, mathematicians and scientists versus theologians are presented from the perspective of reason, truth and fact. Agnosticism, atheism and nihilism are delineated. The treatment of male versus female must be included from not only an historical view but a 21st century view. Animal dominion and treatment could not be omitted. It is left to the reader to ponder this writing and draw his or her own conclusions regarding theology versus science. The author's intent is to expose mythological beliefs and to offer a panoply of theological thinking rich with contradictions and emotion. The spirit of this writing is not to condemn, but to question religious concepts as to their love of logic and truth. Inevitability, religious concepts must compete with science in the ever compelling search to understand our unique universe that reveals its secrets, slowly but surely.

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