A New Look At Prayer

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Aardvark Global Publishing, 2008 - Body, Mind & Spirit
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How does God speak to a person in prayer? While we often speak many words toward God, God does not usually use words to speak to us. For most people, the skies don\'t open with a dove descending. And yet, we long to hear the voice of the Divine in our lives. Building on ancient human wisdom, author Bill Huebsch offers up a plateful of powerful guidance in this wonderful book. He helps the reader learn to listen as God does indeed speak in the tiny whispers and booming events of life. For God, the author reminds us, speaks - not many words, but a single divine Word. And the word divinely spoken is nothing less than the life of the one who prays. For all those modern Christians and Jews out there seeking deeper intimacy with God, this book will be life-changing.

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I have the old version of this book from 1991. I loved it so much that I gave many of them away to my friends. It is simple, poetic and it touches my heart. When I went to replace it the last time, the book store told me that it was out of print! I thought they meant "out of stock", but no, they said out of print. So I had to get myself one on the internet from a used book place.
When I said it is simple, I don't mean easy. It has many profound insights that make a person say, " I knew that" but now it makes more sense. If I could write a great review, than I guess I could write a book too. However, this is a wonderful book that would gladden the heart of anyone who prays, would like to pray, wish they could pray.
Our friend is being ordained a permanent deacon soon. When I came across my book, which I hadn't seen in a long time, I immediately wished I could find one for him. So once again, I went to the internet and lo and behold, it is being printed again. What a blessing! Thank you so much Mr. Huebsch! I love all the books I have that you wrote especially "Vatican II in Plain English."

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