A New Miscellany for the Year 1734, Del 1

1734 - 23 sider
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Side 14 - So geographers, in Afric maps, With savage pictures fill their gaps, And o'er unhabitable downs Place elephants for want of towns.
Side 16 - And quote quotation on quotation. At Will's you hear a poem read, Where Battus from the table-head, Reclining on his elbow-chair, Gives judgment with decisive air; To whom the tribe of circling wits As to an oracle submits. He gives directions to the town, To cry it up, or run it down ; Like courtiers, when they send a note, Instructing members how to vote.
Side 14 - But once you fix him in a tomb, His virtues fade, his vices bloom; And each perfection, wrong imputed, Is fully at his death confuted. The loads of poems in his praise, Ascending, make one funeral blaze...
Side 10 - Brutes find out where their talents lie : A bear will not attempt to fly; A founder'd horse will oft debate, Before he tries a five-barr'd gate ; A dog by instinct turns aside, Who sees the ditch too deep and wide. But man we find the only creature Who, led by folly, combats Nature ; Who, when she loudly cries, Forbear...
Side 19 - What lineaments divine we trace Through all his figure, mien, and face ! Though peace with olive bind his hands, Confess'd the conquering hero stands.
Side 20 - O may he rule us !) What early manhood has he shown, Before his downy beard was grown ! Then think what wonders will be done By going on as he begun, An heir for Britain to secure As long as sun and moon endure.
Side 11 - And here a simile comes pat in ; Though chickens take a month to fatten, The guests in less than half an hour Will more than half a score devour. So, after toiling twenty days To earn a stock of pence and praise, Thy labours, grown the...
Side 13 - And help yourself to run it down. Give up your fond paternal pride, Nor argue on the weaker side: For, poems read without a name We...
Side 14 - A duchess, or a suburb wench Or oft, when epithets you link In gaping lines to fill a chink ; Like stepping-stones, to save a stride, In streets where kennels are too wide ; Or like a heel-piece, to support A cripple with one foot too short ; Or like a bridge, that joins a marish To moorlands of a different parish.
Side 15 - Elysium by the ears. Then, poet, if you mean to thrive, Employ your Muse on kings alive ; With prudence gathering up a cluster Of all the virtues you can muster, Which, form'd into a garland sweet, Lay humbly at your monarch's feet :. Who, as the odours reach his throne, Will smile, and think them all his own...

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