A New Voyage Round the World, Volume 3

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Page 147 - ... was with me, who had done nothing all this while, having come out unarmed, and I returned back with my men, designing to attempt the natives no farther, being very sorry for what had happened already. They took up their wounded companion; and my young man, who had been struck through the cheek by one of their lances, was afraid it had been poisoned, but I did not think that likely. His wound was very painful to him, being made with a blunt weapon; but he soon recovered of it.
Page 123 - Guano's, describ'd, but differing from them in 3 remarkable Particulars: For these had a larger and uglier Head, and had no Tail: And at the Rump, instead of the Tail there, they had a Stump of a Tail, which...
Page 188 - Some Reflections on that part of a Book called Amyntor, or a Defence of Milton's Life, written by Toland, which relates to the Writings of the Primitive Fathers and the Canon of the New Testament, in a Letter to a Friend.
Page 186 - Trade- Winds, Breezes, Storms, Seasons of the Year, Tides and Currents of the Torrid Zone throughout the World : With an Account of Natal in Africk, its Product, Negroe's &c.
Page 152 - The Land farther in, that is lower than what borders on the Sea, was so much as we saw of it, very plain and even ; partly Savannahs, and partly Woodland. The Savannahs bear a sort of thin coarse Grass. The Mould is also a coarser Sand than that by the Sea-side, and in some places 'tis Clay.
Page 189 - Mr. Wingate's Arithmetick, Containing A Plain and Familiar Method, For attaining the Knowledge and Practice of Common Arithmetick. The Eighth Edition, very much enlarged.
Page 150 - South-Sea, as I said one might suspect, one would expect to find the Mouth of it somewhere between this Place and Rosemary Island, which was the part of New Holland I came last from. Next Morning my Men came aboard and brought a Rundlet of brackish Water which they got out of another Well that they dug in a Place a mile off, and about half as far from the Shore; but this Water was not fit to drink. However we all concluded that it would serve to boil our Oatmeal, for Burgoo, whereby we might save...
Page 212 - As there is no Work of this Kind brought to Perfection at once, I intended especially to observe what Inhabitants I should meet with, and to try to win them over to somewhat of...
Page 146 - ... me, seeing some of them near, ran towards them, and they for some time ran away before him. But he soon overtaking them, they faced about and fought him. He had a cutlass and they had wooden lances, with which, being many of them, they were too hard for him. When he first ran towards them, I...
Page 124 - The Sea-fish that we saw here (for here was no River, Land or Pond of fresh Water to be seen) are chiefly Sharks. There are Abundance of them in this particular Sound, that I therefore give it the Name of Shark's Bay.

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