A Palestinian Syriac lectionary: containing lessons from the Pentateuch, Job, Proverbs, Prophets, Acts, and Epistles, Volume 49; Volume 150

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C.J. Clay, 1897 - Lectionaries - 139 pages
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Page xiv - V. The Palestinian Version of the Holy Scriptures. Five more Fragments recently acquired by the Bodleian Library. Edited by GH GWILLIAM, BD 6*.
Page i - A Palestinian Syriac Lectionary containing Lessons from the Pentateuch, Job, Proverbs, Prophets, Acts, and Epistles, ed. by Agnes Smith Lewis, with Critical Notes by Eberhard Nestle (Studia Sinaitica, No.
Page lxxv - The Lectionaries, of which there appear to be two or more arrangements, have been neither published nor studied completely. Wright, Catal. of Syr. Mss. in Brit. Mus. Lond. 1870, pp. 155-7, tabulates the Lections from the Old Testament and the Pauline Epistles for Sundays and festivals according to the arrangement of Athanasius of Antioch (987-1003), from Add. 12139 (AD- 1000). ...The Missale Syriacum [Romae 1843 fol.] gives the Apostles and Gospels in Carshuni and Syriac from Maundy Thursday to Low...
Page iii - VI. A PALESTINIAN SYRIAC LECTIONARY, CONTAINING LESSONS from the Pentateuch, Job, Proverbs, Prophets, Acts, and Epistles. Edited by AGNES SMITH LEWIS, with Critical Notes by Professor EBERHARD NESTLE, DD, and a Glossary by MARGARET D.
Page lxxiv - There is no Greek or other authority quoted by Tischendorf for the epistles of St Paul, with which this Syro-Greek Lectionary would agree in all passages ; but it is worth while to observe how frequently it does so with the Greek-Latin codices DFG on the one hand, and with the Syriac versions on the other ' '. We may go yet a step further with regard to the origin of the Lectionary.
Page xiv - ... Matthew is referred to the Lectionary, does not necessarily show that there was no recognized Lectionary in Palestinian Syriac of the Old Testament and of the rest of 1 The exhortation addressed to the people by the deacon: see p. 726, note 6. » See p. 720. ' See also the note on |£|n*"li 1, p.
Page lxxi - ... preceded by complete copies of the Gospel, the Acts, and the Pauline Epistles, and of part, if not the whole of the Old Testament ".40 On the other hand, Nestle took the opposite view concerning both the portions preserved in the Old Testament Syriac Lectionary as well those in the Gospel Lectionary : " The Syriac text was not excerpted from a complete Syriac Bible Version, but each lesson was translated by itself out of the Greek [of the Septuagint and the New Testament].
Page lxxvi - the Gospels are tabulated from Bodl. Dawk. 5 in Payne-Smith, Catal. codd. Syr. ЫЫ. Bodl. cc. 1 14-29." Thus far Brightman. We have therefore every reason to repeat our thanks to the ladies whose zeal and knowledge present us with the editio princeps of this Lectionary and will soon give us a renewed edition of the Evangeliariiim Hierosolymitanum.
Page xiv - Anécdota Oxoniensia. Biblical and Patristic Relics of the Palestinian Syriac Literature from MSS. in the Bodleian Library and in the Library of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai. Edited by GH GWILLIAM, BD, F. Crawford BURKITT, MA and John F. STENNING, MA With three facsimiles, ibid.
Page lxxv - Venice 1595-6. This has not apparently been often reprinted, if at all. The lections do not belong to the liturgy except in Lent, when the two Lections of the ferial ea-Treptvos, from Genesis and Proverbs respectively, become on Wednesdays and Fridays the lections of the Presanctified. They are contained in the 'YpimSioi'.

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