A Passion's Fight

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AuthorHouse, Oct 20, 2011 - Fiction - 172 pages
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When her innocence and his strength of character unite... Lina, as she's known best by her three life-long girlfriends, has never ventured too far out of the safety zone she has known her whole, privileged life. Never, that is, until a cruel twist of fate leaves her the witness of a terribly gruesome homicide in a long string of wicked execution-style murders. It isn't until later that Lina uncovers the horrifying truth behind the evil life the man she has naively allowed into her peaceful world leads. With the corrupted police force helping to hunt her down she hides under the protection of a modern-day knight in shining armor, who wishes only to shelter her from the perilous world; run by the men lurking in the shadows, that she has been plunged into. But, when love and passion create a meeting of souls Lina is left with no choice but to brave the perils of surrendering herself to an untamed man like Chance head-on. ... A passion that will fight against all odds blooms... When bodyguard Chance Ryan Cordere glimpses an ugly confrontation between a leggy red-head and a mean-looking, tattooed, biker type outside of a dry cleaner's during a spectacular Florida sunset his instincts override his 'fun and sun' vacation policy. As Chance chivalrously comes to the rescue of the unknown lady he can't help but wonder, 'why am I on duty even during my vacation?' But as he gets near the duo he realizes that this is no ordinary tiff between a man and his lady. And when Lillian Jamison turns crystalline green eyes on him; and he feels like the thug just socked him in the gut, he realizes this is no ordinary lady either. When Lillian turns to him for protection from her crime-boss ex-boyfriend Chance has to ask himself, 'is this the call of duty or the hand of fate?' ...Which knows surrender only to love.

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