A Pastoral Prayer Book: Occasional Prayers for Times of Change, Concern, and Celebration

Morehouse Pub., 2000 - 122 sider
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Deckhead: A collection of Bible verses, prayers and liturgies for use during times of change, concern, and celebration.

While many books provide prayers for worship and daily prayer, few books help clergy and lay people acknowledge, celebrate, or mourn the more secular events of their daily lives. Here, at last, is a collection of prayers, biblical references, liturgies, and reading appropriate for use on birthdays, at the birth of a child, on a couple's engagement, wedding, or wedding anniversary. Other prayers acknowledge the pain of divorce, illness, and the death of loved ones. Resources are also provided for celebrating the beginning of a new job, the move to a new home, and retirement. An excellent pastoral companion for clergy, this book is also helpful to lay people who want to mark the important moments in their lives.

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