A Pathway Through Jesus

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A Pathway Through Jesus, 2007 - Religion - 376 pages

"And that constituted the need to hang within focus of my mother and all who adored and loved me during life, to see me at the point of death was terrible."

Jesus' own words describe his emotions at the time of his crucifixion in Frances Munro's compelling new book, 'A Pathway Through Jesus' (ISBN 978-1-4251-3882-0), which will be available worldwide through Amazon and all good bookshops in October.

His channelled words give a glimpse of the man and his life, and accompany a series of writings given by him over recent months. In them, he answers many questions that are relevant in the 21st century. He offers God's guidance on subjects like Gay Marriage, Ageism, Abortion, Workplace Stress, Climate Change and Satan's Role etc.

He voices his concern over the roles of some within the Church, he says that the Last Rites are not always given properly, and he freely condemns Scientology.

This amazing book, the first in a series, is likely to become a Modern Day Bible for those who want to live a more fulfilling life. It brings God's role alive. It is wisdom that relates to now and can help shape the future.

It provides answers to questions like: Is there life on other planets? Why do some people suffer so much before they die? Why is this happening to me? And the big one, If there is a God, why does he allow such bad things to happen?

The answers are in 'A Pathway Through Jesus', and it's all true


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This book portrays the words of Jesus, but in a modern day language and idiom. There are obviously a lot of references to God, Jesus and religion, but somehow, the way the book is written this is not obtrusive, but often more like common sense. The religious aspect is not rammed down your throat.
As a businessman, I suffered from stress and some chaos in my life, and by following the guidance in many of the chapters I have managed to regain the reality and control back in my life, without changing my personality. The subject and writings in some of the chapters were controversial enough to make me sit up and think about some of the beliefs that I had.
These beliefs - not necessarily religious - had been with me most of my life, and now they were being challenged. How did I get on? In most cases very well and I was able to accept the new thoughts. Others took a little longer. This was not to say that they were wrong or unacceptable, but some of my fundamental feelings were laid out in the open, and this comes as a shock.
Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone. You don't need to be suffering from stress to get the benefit. The lessons equally apply to those who are not religious. I would defy anyone to read it and not be changed at the end.


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