A People Ready for the Return of Jesus

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TEACH Services, Inc., 1997 - 144 halaman

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Christ in You the Hope of Glory
The Glorious Climax of
Significant World Events
Gods Schedule of Events
The Judgment Scene in Heaven
Redeemed People
Law Grace and the Gospel Are Partners
Ancient and Modern Controversies
Why Does Christendom Keep Sunday?
Through Jesus Christ
How Can Man Triumph in the Face
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Tentang pengarang (1997)

God created man for Himself. In a spiritual sense, He desires to have an intimate relationship with us and share with us the joy and happiness of life. Through the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Christ, we are brought nearer to God than if we had never sinned. God the Father gave His Son forever to mankind. Christ will always remain the Son of man and retain His ties with humanity throughout eternity. When Jesus lives in the human soul, the love of God radiates out of that person. The love of God has an enormous power of transformation. It changes the expression of our faces, our voices; it transforms our behaviour and our thinking. The character traits of Jesus appear in our own nature. God made us originally to reflect Him, an dGod's plan of redemption is meant to restore the divine images in us.

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