A Piety Above the Common Standard: Jesse Mercer and the Defense of Evangelistic Calvinism

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Mercer University Press, 2005 - 238
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Jesse Mercer (1769-1841) was a Baptist pastor, editor, and denominational statesman who figured prominently in the debates over Calvinism among Southern clergymen. Most studies of Calvinism in America have focused on Jonathan Edwards, the New Divinity Movement, and the Princeton theologians. Calvinism, however, played a key role in shaping the religious mind of the South, particularly among Baptists who debated the relationship between divine sovereignty and human responsibility as it related to missions, education, and social reform. These debates led to the formation of two Baptist groups, Primitive and Missionary, the latter of which ultimately became Southern Baptists. This book explores the role of Jesse Mercer within these debates as he promoted the first form of the Georgia Baptist Convention. His Calvinistic theology governed his actions and life. He emphasized missions, theological training for pastors, and cooperation between churches in fulfilling the Great Commission. Calvinism is as important a topic today in the study of religion as it ever has been. This book gives perspective and history to current trends and understandings.

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What would the righteous do? Baptist Beginnings in Georgia
I have no fears The Life and Times of Jesse Mercer
He is rather of the old School Jesse Mercer and Calvinism
I want a revival that will last all winter Jesse Mercer and Revival
Surely there are some Baptists who may be trusted Jesse Mercer and Missions
Words are his tools Jesse Mercer and Ministerial Education
A company of horses in Pharaohs chariots Jesse Mercer and Cooperation
Be mindful of the designs of grace through you Conclusion
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