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Oxford University Press, 1992 - Design - 481 pages
This outstanding introductory primer demystifies and explains T[EX, an advanced and widely popular typesetting and page make-up system that is especially designed to facilitate scientific and technical publishing. The TEX system is highly versatile, designed for use on over 50 different types of personal, mini-, and mainframe computers. The book immediately provides the reader with sufficient information to begin the majority of tasks which he or she most likely wishes to tackle. Accessibly written at an introductory level, the book explains how high-quality results can be obtained by someone with only a little T[EX background. In a straightforward manner, it details why T[EX approaches its subject in the way it does, and provides the "context" into which it fits. Special emphasis is placed on document structure and practical work. In fact, not only is this book a "primer," but it is a "plain" T[EX primer. Wherever T[EX is running, it comes with at least one basic style definition, called "plain." Plain T[EX is the common starting point for T[EX users and can be extended or modified to suit individual needs. Thus, with the aid of this book, scientists and researchers preparing their own books and papers, or technical typists used to the conventions and jargon of their field, will find little difficulty in adopting T[EX's approach. Students and professionals involved in document preparation or desk-top publishing will also find this an extremely useful volume.

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