A Practical Introduction to Latin Composition for Schools and Colleges

D. Appleton and Company, 1871 - 306 Seiten
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Seite 286 - BOOK. Containing the substance of the Practical Introduction to Greek Construing, and a Treatise on the Greek Particles; also, copious selections from Greek Authors, with Critical and Explanatory English Notes, and a Lexicon. 12mo, 618 pages. A complete, thorough, practical and easy Greek course is here presented. The beginner commences with the
Seite 282 - He is also exercised in forming new Latin sentences on given models. This, while it gives variety and interest to what would otherwise be in the highest degree monotonous, completely fixes in the mind the subject of the lesson, both by analysis and synthesis. The careful study of this volume, on the plan recommended by the author, will greatly facilitate the pupil's progress in the higher departments of the language.
Seite 282 - It comprises a complete analytical syntax, exhibiting the essential structure of the Latin language, from its simplest to its most expanded and elaborate form. The arrangement of the lessons is decidedly philosophical, gradually progressive, and in strict accordance with the lajv of development of the human mind.
Seite 282 - The present volume appears to me to carry out excellently the system on which, the late lamented Arnold based his educational works; and in the Selections for...
Seite 230 - Who does not know that it is the first law of history not to dare a word that is false ? Next, not to shrink from a word that is true- No partiality, no grudge.

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