A Predator On Our Streets

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Trafford Publishing, Aug 5, 2006 - Fiction
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Although written as fiction, the exploits of a long-time undercover CIA agent are based in reality, revealing the inner working of drug distribution and financial means of coupling "dirty" money with "clean" money and injecting into legitimate enterprise.

This is Steve Van Reardon's job as the President of International Marketing, a viable and legitimate import/export company in Cape Town. He is the cartel enforcer and travels to all point of the world to enforce cartel policy and punish violators, often required to make a decision of life or death, and if necessary perform the action himself. He walks side by side with death but manages to survive the many attempts on his life.

When not performing outside duties as the enforcer he reclines in the lap of luxury as an icon of respectability and becomes a prominent member of the community of Cape Town, known to be an adversary of drugs on the street. He falls in love with Harriet, known as Harry, aware that he is an undercover agent and stands by his side when an encounter with a CIA contact in Vientiane results in his being attack and seriously wounded. The cartel investigates and he must nervously wait to receive exoneration or face death as an agent. Exoneration is the verdict but he knows he will always be under the microscope and it has serious impaired his ability to reach into the organization infrastructure. With his effectiveness as and agent diminished and always living under the threat of death he and Harriet decide on marriage and to disappear while on an extended worldwide honeymoon, assisted by the Central Intelligence Agency.

The story is one of excitement, intrigue, love, and the dedication of one lone individual to keep our children safe from drug addiction.

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