A Prescription for Long-Lasting Youth: How else can a guy over 70 and retired have so much fun!?

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Author House, Feb 17, 2006 - Health & Fitness - 248 pages
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After thirty-eight years working in the computer industry, Dian has found retirement to be surprisingly exciting and fun. Besides traveling, cruising, and casino hopping, he and his wife also enjoy many other good things their retired life has to offer.

However, everywhere they went, they saw seniors struggling with their poor health and disabilities. It made them realize how fortunate they are that at their age, they still have excellent health. Obviously, the decision they made earlier in life that put health as an equally important goal as wealth for their retirement was a wise one, and it made all the difference. In addition, they also have no illness or handicaps of any kind, and are not dependent on any mandatory medications. This is why, even in their seventies, they are still able to do all the fun things they used to do in their younger years.

Furthermore, Dian had a very successful career. Like others, he dealt with cutthroat competition under unrelenting stresses in his profession, yet still managed to stay on top without sacrificing his good health. He did this by choosing to live a healthy lifestyle that included regular vigorous exercise, a healthy diet, sufficient rest and recovery, and an active sex life, four parts of his “prescription for long-lasting youth.” That is the secret of how he has managed to stay totally fit at over seventy, and still looks and feels like an extremely fit young man twenty years younger. This is what he shares with the readers, plus the fun-filled lifestyle that he and his wife now enjoy living in retirement.

Dian associates real-life scenarios, some of them with multicultural background, to address many interesting but relevant issues concerning retirement, sex life, health, and fitness, and the positive impact living a healthy lifestyle can have on our aging process.

As part of the conclusion, Dian said, “What I described as my ‘prescription for long-lasting youth’ is at best a strong personal belief, but one that seems to have promising merits, and supported by my personal experience to this date. Although it has made a believer out of me, it will take my lifetime to prove it, and that could be a very, very long time......too long for you to wait for it, even if you could afford to. So why not just join me and give it a try? What have you got to lose, your life?”

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About the author (2006)

Born in China in 1934, Dian came to the States for advanced engineering study in 1959, and received his master’s of science degree in mechanical engineering from Lehigh University in 1961. After his doctoral study, he joined IBM in 1965 and worked there for thirty-two years until 1997, when he joined i2 Technologies, where he worked another six years until his retirement in 2003.

During his thirty-eight years of uninterrupted career, Dian held key technical, managerial, and executive level positions, including ten years of overseas assignment in the Asian Pacific region, stationed in Tokyo.

Although he has always been active in sports, he didn’t get really serious about exercise until he was fifty, when an injury-related incident convinced him that regular exercises are the most reliable way to stay fit and healthy. As such, he always makes an effort to allow time for regular exercise and recovery, while maintaining a balanced diet and an active sex life; all key elements of his “prescription for long-lasting youth,” and the basis of his healthy lifestyle.

At seventy-two, Dian is extremely fit and without any illness or handicaps. He looks young, thinks young, and acts young.

He and his wife of forty-four years reside in Atlanta. They enjoy living a very active and fun-filled retired life.



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