A Preservative Against Socinianism ...

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Printed at the Theater for H. Clements, 1698 - Socinianism

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Page 50 - whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil, that I thought to do unto them, Jer. 18.
Page 59 - but three perfons in one fubftance ; for that which we believe of the Glory of the Father, the fame we believe of the Son, and of the Holy
Page 13 - creature that is not manifeft in his fight^ but all things are naked and open to the eyes of him with
Page 39 - us go without his part of our voluptuoufnefs: Let us leave tokens of our joyfulnefs in every place; for this is our portion, and our Lot is this.
Page 58 - For that which we believe of the glory of the Father, the fame we believe of the Son, and
Page 8 - 6. For tho there be that are called Gods, whether in heaven or in earth,
Page 54 - He who was in the Form of God took upon him the Form of a Servant, and in
Page 52 - God, by whom all things were made, and without whom was not any thing made that was
Page 22 - the Jews, and was indeed the only notion that agreed with their former Ideas, and that could have been received by them without difficulty or oppofition. This is
Page 38 - fo low as to enter into the Womb of the Virgin, where being united to our Nature, which was formed and conceived there, he fubmitted to a fecond Generation,

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