A Real Life Christian Spiritual Journey: A Story of Real Life Spiritual Experiences on the Way Back to God

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Author House, Jan 20, 2010 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 312 pages

This is a very enlightening book that breaks new ground for those who wish to stretch their spiritual wings based on real life spiritual experiences. This book describes the real life, learning and experiences of those who are born on this earth. Part I is "The Journey". It describes the stages of spiritual, psychological, faith and challenges we all go through from childhood to old age. Real life stories from the author's life are used to illustrate how we grow closer to God. At times this book is gritty showing real pain and anguish of certain people that we all know life can be. Part II is "The Learning". This part goes way beyond religious doctrine. Here topics such as suffering, real life roadblocks to spirituality, the worlds major religions and how close they really to each other. At their core, science and God show an amazing unity between them. We find that the reality that we perceive is not actually there. Again real life current scientific information is used and real life stories are used to bring life to the concepts. Part III is "The Hope". Here is described the hope of mankind through prayer and the different paths to God. It also tells of real life passing away stories. It centers on the people who survive their loved one's now in Heaven. It also describes real life mystical events that happen to those who are left behind. The book starts with souls before they are born and completes the human experience cycle with souls back home in Heaven and how they communicate to their loved ones still on earth. Throughout the book the emphasis is on real life stories with all its pain and joys using actual scientific information recently discovered to bring light to the human experience.


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Our PreHuman Existence
The Faith of Infants
The Faith of Young Children
The Faith of Older ChildrenPreadolescents
Chapter 6 The Faith of Teenagers
The Faith of Midlife and Beyond
A Liberal View of Faith
Roadblocks to Spiritual Growth
The Worlds Religions and What They Teach
Friends or Enemies?
What Good Is
The Great Journey Back Home

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Richard Ferguson has been described as a modern renaissance man. His academic career includes a degree in Chemistry with a minor in philosophy, a Masters degree in Business and a Masters Degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. Within the healing arts, he also is a Reiki Master. He also flies his own airplane. He started this life in rough neighborhoods and had a very rough childhood. After growing up from that, his first of many Godly mystical experiences happened thirty years ago in an airplane over the Pacific. Ever since then he has been a spiritual seeker for God's truth of creation. As a result, he has been engaged in on-going studies of astronomy, quantum physics, theology, other religious traditions and cosmology. This is what propelled him toward a Graduate Degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. God has blessed Richard with certain spiritual gifts that have enriched his life and those around him. During his graduate studies in theology and pastoral ministry he realized that most people suffer from a too small and distorted view of God and Creation. He says creation is far different and vastly more wonderful than people can perceive. He became convinced that this was a tragedy and wanted to contribute a more open view of God and Creation based on real life experiences to all those who did not have the luxury of his background and academic studies.

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