A Realistic Eating and Exercise Record Book: A Six-Month Weight Loss Log and Journal for Dedicated Individuals

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Larry Zafran, Apr 19, 2011 - 114 pages
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A comprehensive weight loss journal to accompany Weight Loss Made a Bit Easier: Realistic and Practical Advice for Eating and Exercise by independent author Larry Zafran. This book includes seven pages of instruction including explanations of abbreviations and terminology, but is intended to be used in conjunction with the main book.

Unlike many weight loss journals, this book does not provide the means to "count calories." The author, himself having overcome more than 30 years of overweightness, maintains the opinion that efficient and permanent weight loss requires a high level of awareness of eating, exercise, and emotions, but not in the form of "number crunching."

Each daily journal entry provides space for the dedicated individual to notate his/her motivation, focus, and goals. There is space to track whether stretching and/or meditation was done, as well as brief descriptions of cardio and strength training exercises performed.

For each meal/snack, there is room to notate the time of day as well as a brief description. On scales of 1 to 10, the reader is asked to evaluate his/her food choice, portion size, and level of calmness. More importantly, the reader is asked to evaluate his/her Fullness Level (FL) both at the start of the meal, as well as 20 minutes after. The goal is to keep FL between 3 and 8 by maintaining awareness, and opting for appropriate food selections and portion sizes.

There is room to track water and alcohol consumption, activeness, and support/sabotage from others which may have influenced food or exercise choices. There are fields to notate moods and stress level, whether/why goals for the day were(n't) met, and space for general notes.

The book includes special weekly/monthly questionnaires to cultivate mindfulness about plans, goals, and challenges for the upcoming week/month. Additional journal pages can be printed at no cost via the author's website which also hosts a discussion forum and contact form.

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_ Calm/Aware _ Date _ FL(Pre _ Food _ Goals _ Portion __ __ Wakeup __ Bedtime __ Indep ___ Water ____ FL(Pre ____ Strengthening ____ WEEKLY SELF-ASSESSMENT _____ 1st Eating _____ 2nd _____ 3rd Eating _____ 4th Eating _____ 5th _____ Last _____ Motivation/Focus ______ Activeness ______ Alcohol ______ Notes ____________________ Goals _________________________ _________________________________________________________ Exercise _________________________ _________________________________________________________ Overall _________________________ Hrs __________________________ _________________________________________________________ Portion ____________________________ _________________________________________________________ Accuracy ____________________________ _________________________________________________________ Emotion _____________________________ _________________________________________________________ Biggest _______________________________ _________________________________________________________ Goals ________________________________ Meditation/Breathing _____________________________________ Cardio ______________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Food _______________________________________ ____ Goals ____________________________________________ FL(Pre ________________________________________________ Moods/Stress ________________________________________________ Stretching _________________________________________________________ Biggest Challenge _________________________________________________________ Emotion Mgmt _________________________________________________________ Exercise Plan _________________________________________________________ Food Selection _________________________________________________________ Overall Feelings _________________________________________________________ Portion Control _________________________________________________________ Time Mgmt __________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Support/Sabotage 2nd Eating 4lh Eating 5th Eating Challenge This Week Feelings About Progress Food Selection Plan Is'Eating Last Eating Not)?_______________________________ ____ WEEKLY Portion Control Plan SELF-ASSESSMENT Weekly Goals WEEKLY SELF-ASSESSMENT Weekly

About the author (2011)

Larry Zafran was born and raised in Queens, NY where he tutored and taught math in public and private schools. He has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Queens College where he graduated with highest honors, and has earned most of the credits toward a Masters Degree in Secondary Math Education. He is a dedicated student of the piano, and the leader of a large and active group of board game players which focuses on abstract strategy games from Europe. He presently lives in Cary, NC where he works as an independent math tutor, writer, and webmaster.

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