A Record of the Metropolitan Fair in Aid of the United States Sanitary Commission: Held at New York in April, 1864

Hurd and Houghton, 1867 - 261 páginas

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Página 182 - The tea was served out of a majestic delft teapot, ornamented with paintings of fat little Dutch shepherds and shepherdesses tending pigs, with boats sailing in the air, and houses built in the clouds, and sundry other ingenious Dutch fantasies.
Página 29 - Wake in our breasts the living fires, The holy faith that warmed our sires; Thy hand hath made our Nation free; To die for her is serving Thee.
Página 29 - From treason's rent, from murder's stain, Guard Thou its folds till Peace shall reign, — Till fort and field, till shore and sea, Join our loud anthem, PRAISE TO THEE! PARTING HYMN. "Dundee.
Página 29 - Thou a pillared flame to show The midnight snare, the silent foe; And when the battle thunders loud, Still guide us in its moving cloud. " God of all nations, Sovereign Lord, In Thy dread name we draw the sword ; We lift Thy starry flag on high, That fills with light our stormy sky.
Página 35 - In whatever light we regard this exploit it extorts our admiration and praise ; the boldness in the conception of the enterprise, being even surpassed by the perfect manner in which all its parts were executed. Nothing appears to have been wanting, in a military point of view ; nothing was deranged ; nothing defeated. The hour was well chosen, and no doubt it was a chief reason why the corsairs, gun-boats, and batteries, were...
Página 76 - that Franklin lived in 1778.' " I drew that house, now pulled down. This is the sketch. I believe that this picture of the house of Franklin, at Passy, is the only one in existence. I offer it to the United States Sanitary Commission. " I am happy that the Sanitary Commission have done me the honor to call upon me, and afford me an opportunity to renew the expression of my heartfelt sympathy for the gallant men who are struggling so gloriously to rid the great American Republic of that sinful system,...
Página 76 - Raynouani, the author of the tragedy Les Templiers. He wore his white hair streaming on his shoulders, and I said to him, — " ' You wear your hair as Franklin used, and you look like him.' " He said to me, smiling, ' This may come from the neighborhood ; ' and he pointed to a house that could be seen from his garden. ' It is there,' said he to me, 'that Franklin lived in 1778.
Página 132 - There need be no raffles at the Children's Department, if they are thought likely to lead the youthful mind out of the way it should go ; and surely, allowing beautiful articles to go to ruin in the dust, as they are now doing, to be finally disposed of at auction for a mere song, is not the best way to roll up a pile of substantial and much needed greenbacks.
Página 132 - With the exception of the more wealthy part of the community, people cannot afford to s|ieiul fifty or sixty dollars on a single fancy article, although perfectly willing to acknowledge that it is worth the money ; and, where they would gladly take a dollar share, go away without contributing their mite to the treasury. " Now, surely, if a man wins an afghan, or a bouquet of wax flowers at a fair-stall, he need not go and ruin his family at a faro-table. Assisting the soldiers to h'ght our common...

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