A River's Journey to the Sea - A Collection of Poems

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Trafford Publishing, Nov 17, 2003 - Poetry
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A River's Journey to the Sea is a compilation of poems expressing the poet's thoughts, feelings and experiences as she journeys through life. The beauty of these poems lies in their everyday themes and in their startling honesty. On these pages, this highly original poet gives voice to her own loves, hopes, sorrows and spirituality. Comments and feedback can be directed to ariversjourney@yahoo.com. A River's Journey to the Sea is a touching and moving compilation of minds and hearts.... I enjoyed reading the poems that constantly remind me of my own journey through light and darkness; happiness and sadness and through hope and despair- contrasts in life that we human beings are destined to taste each and everyone of them once or many times in our lifetimes. The good part of the book is that the more I read it the more I enjoy it. I strongly recommend it to everyone as all of us are to live through one or more of the experiences narrated in the book. Mussie Delelegn, Geneva, Switzerland A compelling and moving journey of the mind; This compilation of poems takes us through a journey of love and lust, despair and hope. A truly magnificent collection of poems. Sarah J. Greg from Miami, FL Inspiring-Surreal; You ever had such deep, strong feelings about something but didn't know how to express them or share them with that special one. You ever had such deep feelings, which made you think it was somehow bad to be feeling them? And then sometimes we go to places in our heads and think things that are so pure and just normal to feel. Jacqueline's poems feel like my own life, they touched me in a way that was so surreal. The author is definitely very gifted. Her poems have opened up a new path to new adventures of where the mind can go. We are free souls, let us fly and not fear! Well done Jacqueline, who would have ever thought feeling this way was humanely possible and so inspirational as well as uplifting. A reviewer from Toronto, Canada An Innocence Stolen was the most powerful piece I read. It is so horrific and truthful. I think a lot of people can relate to this and I like the end when God is questioned. I think when something bad like this happens in a person's life, we wonder, why me? It is painful to read, but a message like this needs to be heard. Sunshine gives people hope and it is light and fresh and is just a feel good piece. A Celebration Of You is about happiness and love to me. It is about being in love and the beauty of life that goes along with it. If My Heart Could Speak is also about love and happiness. It is short, sweet and to the point. Lost Souls is a powerful piece about the neglect, indifferent world we live in today. It is honest. My Wall is about that one force/person in your life that sticks by you no matter what. It could be God, Family or a loved one. Misty Wind is about hope for a better tomorrow and is illustrated so well in the word usage. I liked that it was a lot about nature and being lost, lonely and scared. People can relate to this. Kim Berg, LA, California

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