A Select Cabinet of Foreign Voyages and Travels, Or Recent & Interesting Journals of Eminent Continental Travellers: With Several Engravings. To which is Prefixed, a Retrospect of Geographical Discoveries

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Treuttel & Würtz, Treuttel Jun. & Richter, 1830 - 439 страници

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Страница 430 - ... less remarkable than his warmth of heart and active benevolence, which he often exercised towards persons in distress, to the great prejudice of his limited means. No stronger example can easily be given of sensibility united with greatness of mind, than the feelings which he evinced on his deathbed, when his mother's name, and the failure of the great object of his travels, were the only subjects upon which he could not speak without hesitation.
Страница 429 - As a traveller he possessed talents and acquirements which were rendered doubly useful by his qualities as a man. To the fortitude and ardour of mind, which had stimulated him to devote his life to the advancement of science in the paths of geographical discovery, he joined a temper and prudence well calculated to ensure his triumph over every difficulty. His liberality and high principles of honour, his admiration of those generous qualities in others, his detestation of injustice and fraud, his...
Страница 428 - When I tell you that he lived only six hours after this conversation, you will easily conceive what an effort it must have been. The expression of his countenance, when he noticed his intended journey, was an evident struggle between disappointed hopes and manly resignation. Less of the weakness of human nature was perhaps never exhibited upon a death-bed.
Страница 430 - His father having bequeathed at his death about ten thousand pounds, to be divided into live equal parts, one to his widow, and one to each of his children, Lewis Burckhardt immediately gave up his portion, to increase that of his mother. If, he said, I perish in my present undertaking, the money will be where it ought to be ; if I return to England, my employers will undoubtedly find...
Страница 428 - Give my love to my friends (enumerating several persons with whom he was living upon terms of intimacy at Cairo). Write to Mr. Barker (he then paused, and seemed troubled, and at length with great exertion said) — let Mr. Hamilton acquaint my mother with my death, and say that my last thoughts have been with her.
Страница 429 - His present to the University of Cambridge, of the choicest collection of Arabic manuscripts in Kurope, was intended as a mark of his gratitude, for the literary benefits, and the kind attention which he received at Cambridge, when preparing himself for his travels. Of his disregard of pecuniary matters, and his generous feeling towards those who were dear to him, a single example will be sufficient. His father having bequeathed at his death about ten thousand pounds, to be divided into...
Страница 426 - If I should now die, I wish you to draw upon Mr. Hamilton for two hundred and fifty pounds, for money due to me from the Association, and together with what I have in the hands of Mr. Boghoz, (two thousand piastres), make the following disposition of it.
Страница 427 - Send one thousand piastres to the poor at Zurich. Let my whole library, with the exception of my European books, go to the University of Cambridge, to the care of Dr. Clarke, the librarian ; comprising also the manuscripts in the hands of Sir Joseph Banks. My European books' (they were only eight in number) ' I leave to you
Страница 19 - The present king, who is remarkable for his desire to immortalize hie reign by great enlerprizcs, has taken extraordinary interest in this, and has personally attended to the direction of the works. They were commenced only two years ago, and the canal is already complete from Amsterdam to Alckmaer. The total expense is estimated at ten or twelve millions of florins — about a million of sterling.
Страница 427 - This refers to a will made previous to his departure from England, according to which, in case he had advanced into the interior of Africa, and was not heard of by the 1st of January, 1820, he was to be considered as dead. By this will, after shewing his gratitude to a relation, to whom he had been indebted while at Leipzig, he appointed his mother residuary legatee for all sums which might accrue to him, from his engagements with the African Association. terms of intimacy at Cairo).