A Self Attunement: Maha Moksha Healing

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Dec 15, 2009 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 54 pages

MORE than just a book! 

A Self Attunement works to directly transmit energy to the reader.

 Energy carries information, or more accurately energy is information. Therefor this book is not just a reading, It anchors and holds the place for a Spiritual Initiation and transference of what is called shaktipat in yogic traditions. This " shaktipat" is a Spiritual Empowerment which will bring the receiver of this energy to high levels of spiritual wisdom and attainment merely through the working of this transmitted energy alone. This empowerment that the reader will receive is especially in regards to the Immortal Essence, Nectar of Self Knowledge, and the Energy Field of Infinite Possibility which acts as a Limitless Resource to the experience of Self. The benefits and gifts of this little book are quite difficult to limit by description. The way that each individual will receive and use the Self Attunement will be based upon each one's own deep purpose for Incarnating this lifetime. As the reader gains greater levels of insight into there Self and deep sense of purpose, they also spontaneously feel more Free, at Peace with all the personal "stories" of life, as well as feeling magically empowered to draw on Unlimited resources in Life. This Attunement can be instrumental in activating psychic gifts, healing abilities, and other siddhis but can not be limited to this as has been mentioned because this Initiation involves restoring awareness of Infinite Possibilities. Anyone who is drawn to this book does not pick it up by coincidence, this is an Energetic link of Synchronicity. Reality is more accurately described as Potentiality, this is an Attunement to the Universe of Limitless Possibilities. May All Beings Know Peace! Healing! Ultimate Freedom!

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About the author (2009)

Darshan has gone through many years of intense growth and evolution with spiritual discipline being his daily practice. Through the Integration of many different kinds of spiritual training as well as healing practices, Darshan believes that these mystical systems are all very much the same in at least one respect; All the sacred knowledge and wisdom, the teachings of every great Sage from every Culture, have all originated from Within. Ancient Holistic sciences such as Yoga, Tai Ji, and all that is taught about meditation has resulted from some one's own experiences of Self. By spending the time to cultivate internal connectivity, awareness of Self, and balance, one can personally discover all the mysteries that have been the source of All the Mystical knowledge that has or will ever be written.

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