A Sermon Preached Before the Honorable House of Commons Assembled in Parliament, at Their Late Solemn Fast, August 26, 1646. in Margarets Westminster

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M. Simmons, 1646 - Church and state - 38 pages
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Page 29 - Doe not feeke to drive on , your private defignes, by that power of Judgement God hath put into your hands : I am now a Parliament-man, I have power in my hands , I am now able to doe what I could not doe before, I will now improve my advantage thus and thus. Thefe thoughts are very vile, Juftice is too noble, too high, to be brought in fubjecYion to mens humours, wills, and bale ends.
Page 16 - For firft, to them is the great myftery of godlinefle reveal'd, their hearts are taken up with that that hath the greateft weight in it that ever any thing had in the world , thy heart is taken up with that that the thoughts and counfells of the infinite God have been taken up withall from...
Page 29 - Thou haft efcaped me ; now I am not to looke after private quarrels, but the publique. Know, that you have lefle opportunitie to revenge your own wrongs now, then ever you had before you were chofen Parliament-men ; take heed of impaling in this water of righteoufn:fTe. 4. Let it run downe like a River , fo as every one may have 4.
Page 9 - Father gives him 3 and hath all their finnes transferred upon him , and puts himfelfe under the power of the Juftice of his Father, and under his Law, and takes upon him to fend the preaching of the Gofpel for the working of Faith, by which this...
Page 3 - Miniftery is a great and a weighty work, doe not Height it. Chrift prays all night to prepare them, and for a bleffing upon them ; and after this his prayer he preaches this Sermon, though his body might be weary, yet he preaches...
Page 16 - the good of it, as if you had fatisfied and obeyed in your own perfons- 3. You fhall be brought before the Father, mining in this robe and garment of your elder Brother. 4. You fhall have the reward of it, which is beyond expreflion, and imagination.
Page 13 - I have done or (uttered deierves ; furely it muft needs be a great Glory ; this is another manner of happinefle, then to eate and drink, to be gay in cloaths , to have great things in the world ; that which is the fruit of the infinite righteoufnefle of Jefus Chrift , muft needs be great g^jfry, and yet this is the portion of the Saints.
Page 19 - Righteoufnefle fake you will be brought to a morfell of bread , as many of the precious Saints of God have been. Paul was often in hunger , who was the greateft Inftrument of Gods glory that ever was in the world of a ineere man , and yet this Paul wanted bread to put into his body (bmetimes.
Page 5 - This defire (wallows up alj defires after money, honour, pleafure, and preferment, all are fwallowed up in this. I Have read of one Mother that made her wombe the Sepulchre of fix of her owne children one after another, to fatisfie her felfe in...
Page 33 - Regni. Now then, if God hath given them into your hands, there will not appear that righteousness as heretofore was thought -to be, if they escape without condign punishment...

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