A Sister's Love

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Marie and Jimmy live with their parents in a beautiful apartment overlooking Central Park in New York City. Marie loves her older brother and would do anything for him, even though he is a follower and often gets into trouble. After graduating from high school, Jimmy confesses to Marie that he does not want to attend college, something their parents expect. He has other, bigger plans.

Marie promises Jimmy that she won't tell anyone-especially their parents-about his secret. One of Jimmy's friends promises Jimmy that they can make a fortune over the summer through certain dubious "connections" in Cleveland, Ohio. When Jimmy finally leaves, Marie is terrified for his safety, and their parents are furious.

On the night of her senior prom, Marie is determined to find her brother and bring him home no matter what it takes. Little does Marie know that on her life-changing adventure she will meet new friends, find incredible courage, and fall in love. But more important, she will learn the true meaning of a family's unconditional love.

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