A Sociopath Beside Me

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First Edition Design Pub., Jun 25, 2011 - Fiction
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A Sociopath Beside Me is a true story about my life with a sociopath and the devastating circumstances he created for his many victims. This personal journey leads to the discovery that a sociopath was in our midst, examines his dishonorable behaviors, long summary: Note from the author... You have met a predator. He has crossed your path and you didn't even know. Why did he pass you by? Why did he look at someone else? Most likely he sought someone who could better satisfy his cravings. You were lucky. This predator, this hunter on the prowl, is the human equivalent of a Great White Shark. He is a sociopath, as strictly defined in psychiatric literature. He is a menace without conscience, and like the shark in the ocean, he will eat you alive before you sense the danger. You need only cross his path. I had the great misfortune to know intimately a sociopath for eighteen years. It took too many of those years to recognize the problem. For the rest of those years, my professional training in observation and analysis were put to the ultimate test. My hope for this book is to give you the tools to recognize the sociopath and his behavior. Only by this recognition can you see the sociopath for what he really is, and by seeing what he really is, protect yourself and others from the pain of his intrusion. Expect the unexpected, think the unthinkable...but recognize what is happening. It took a terrible, eighteen year journey with a sociopath by my side to first understand then withstand the sociopath's power. My desire is to share this understanding with you, to have you use this book as a guide to recognizing these dark souls. I hope it contains the tools and armor that will protect you and help you avoid being victimized by a sociopath beside you. This is a true story; it contains real events, events that caused great emotional pain to real people. Names have been changed and the predator's relationships with his victims, including this author, are intentionally vague to protect the confidentiality of those involved. On the victim's behalf, some of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated toward efforts in locating and bringing to justice their perpetrator.

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The definition that she has for a sociopath is wrong the author has confused the terms psychopath and sociopath.

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A true and incredible book! What an amazing story of both horror and survival, I couldn't put it down... I knew very little about these kinds of people before I read this book, now I realize that these well-hidden and all but invisible people are amongst us just searching for innocent prey who typically are the unsuspecting, uninformed. With this author's carefully thought out information I hope to be better equipped to recognize these predator's in the future and now realize that sociopath's have crossed my path in the past. Knowledge is power, and I am grateful to this author for sharing this hard earned information with society and with me, Kudos Junie Moon. 


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