Spirituality for Police Officers

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Trafford Publishing, 2002 - Religion - 148 pages
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Under the police shield is a real live person. The experiences of police work has an effect upon that person. This book is an attempt to have the reader weigh how their experiences are affecting them as persons. Is what they are dealing with on a daily basis having an effect upon their relationships with family, friends, neighbors and most important their God?

The author shares real life police experiences, drawn from 30 years of service to the New York City Police Department. He shares how the work made him feel. There is that ongoing struggle in trying to be both a tough enforcer of the law and a loving, caring, popular human being and a person of faith. As a rookie officer, working with an old timer, he is warned of the three Bs, booze, broads and bucks and how they are the downfall of many officers. He is admonished by a superior officer for not beating a prisoner who had assaulted him on the street. He fights back tears at the sight of his first DOA, an infant.

In all of this the author seeks holiness. He wrestles with the question, can I be a tough, no nonsense, effective police officer and still lead a holy life, Police work offers the officer many opportunities to get into trouble, or to grow in holiness. Frequently it is the same incident and depends on how the officer handles it, whether it brings him or her down or lifts him or her up.

The book is written from the perspective of a Roman Catholic, however, anyone holding a belief in God should find helpful material in its pages. It would also be interesting for anyone who has relatives or friends in law enforcement, helping them to understand what the officer struggles with.

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