A Step Toward Cracking the Deutero-Isaiah Codes: His Name Is Israel!

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Zeroah Publishing LLC, 2007 - Всего страниц: 232
The late distinguished Professor R.N. Whybray of Old Testament wisdom literature formerly with the University of Hull, England, once commented on who the Servant is in the second half of the book of Isaiah. He said to the effect that the reason the later generations are so confused about the identity of this Servant is because the key to understanding the background of the original language has been lost. This author thinks that he has found the ?key? that will unlock the meaning, or the codes, if you will, of many verses in Isa 40-55, as amply documented in this book. Many verses that puzzled quite a few commentators for centuries have found the intended meaning through the use of this ?key?. The key is to read Isa 40-55 through the book of Jeremiah. This brand new approach to interpreting these sixteen much treasured chapters of Isaiah is a must read for all serious Bible students.The most satisfying and illuminating result of this study is that the Jeremiah new covenant is unveiled in two DI texts and in a split-up pattern. The Suffering Servant is positively identified as the Principal of the Superior Party of the new covenant. Through His willing acceptance of the vicarious suffering unto death, the new covenant and salvation are established. Furthermore, the receiving party of the new covenant is no longer limited to the house of Israel and Judah, but is extended to include all the peoples on this earth. And this prophecy was uttered hundreds of years before the Era of the New Testament. This is surely among the greatest prophecies, if not THE greatest prophecy.

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Introduction Chapter 2 The Books of Jeremiah and DeuteroIsaiah Chapter 3 Citation and Response Chapter 4 Double Comfort and Where is God? Ch...
Isaiah 50 and the Third Servant Song Chapter 7 We Will Wait for You Chapter 8 They are not and More
The Fourth Servant Song and the New Covenant
The Servant Songs
Author Intention Analysis
The Messages and Theology of Jeremiah and DI
A Self Evaluation of All the Responses
On B D Sommers Comments on the New Covenant
List of Responses and Citations
Index of Responses and Citations
Chart of Allusions of Isa 4055
Index of Biblical Citations
Index of Names

Concluding Remarks

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