A Study of New Concepts in Smarandache Quasigroups and Loops

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Infinite Study, 2009 - Loops (Group theory) - 127 pages
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This monograph is a compilation of results on some new Smarandache concepts in Smarandache;groupoids, quasigroups and loops, and it pin points the inter-relationships and connections between andamong the various Smarandache concepts and notions that have been developed. This monograph isstructured into six chapters. The first chapter is an introduction to the theory quasigroups and loops withmuch attention paid to those quasigroup and loop concepts whose Smarandache versions are to bestudied in the other chapters. In chapter two, the holomorphic structures of Smarandache loops ofBol-Moufang type and Smarandache loops of non-Bol-Moufang type are studied. In the third chapter,the notion of parastrophy is introduced into Smarandache quasigroups and studied. Chapter four studiesthe universality of some Smarandache loops of Bol-Moufang type. In chapter five, the notion ofSmarandache isotopism is introduced and studied in Smarandache quasigroups and loops. In chaptersix, by introducing Smarandache special mappings in Smarandache groupoids, the SmarandacheBryant-Schneider group of a Smarandache loop is developed.

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