A Tale of Two Brothers: Jim Morrison & Michael Hutchence

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AuthorHouse, Mar 1, 2008 - Biography & Autobiography - 732 pages
Rock legends Jim Morrison of "The Doors" and Michael Hutchence of "INXS" have given a psychic medium riveting accounts of their controversial deaths and the many myths that surrounded their lives as only they can tell them. Finally, a factual account of how Jim Morrison died in Paris, why he was later placed in a bathtub and how he fought for hours to stay alive. The elaborate cover-up of his death is explored in depth as well as the true identity of his "cosmic mate." Jim Morrison discusses his conviction in Miami, the police brutality he experienced behind closed doors in New Haven and Las Vegas and why he actually fled the United States for Paris in 1971. Learn what Jim Morrison's secret plans were in Paris in July of 1971 and why he never got to carry them out. Jim Morrison breaks on through in this graphic account to bare his soul. This book is filled with Jim's chilling poetry and lyrics. Michael Hutchence reveals the facts surrounding what really happened in Room 524 at the Ritz Carlton, in Double Bay, Australia on November 22nd, 1997 when a young maid found the dead body of the beloved, charismatic superstar and the controversy began. Michael details how he really died and why there was no note left behind. He provides the answers to why he was hoodwinked by those closest to him that led to his missing millions. Michael gives his jaw dropping thoughts on his so-called brothers in "INXS" and the autobiography they wrote after his death. He explains his disdain for the reality show "Rock Star" and his belief detailing why "INXS" should not have sought a replacement for him after his death. His haunting poetry and lyrics are all throughout this amazing account.

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This book is a scam! I have read the Michael Hutchence section of the book. Don’t waste your money. It’s published by AuthorHouse, this is a self-published work. Obviously no reputable publisher would touch it. I am totally open to the possibility of an afterlife or spirit world and that psychic phenomena does exist. I also don’t mind a good biography. Why did I buy the book? Because I thought it might be a half decent holiday read. Don’t buy this book.
I have been unable to find ANY information at all about the author except where to buy the book, which unfortunately is available in multiple places online. There’s no picture of her, no website, no explanation about her amazing gift or how this world class psychic has managed to channel Jim Morrison, Michael Hutchence, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. Need any more alarm bells? I even contacted her colleague who endorsed the book and they said they haven’t heard a word from her in 3 years. So the Author seems to have dropped off the face of the earth? How convenient.
It’s very difficult to enjoy something that you’re always questioning. The information ‘he’ gives her is very repetitive. She basically reiterates all the speculation that’s already been printed about him. She paraphrased practically verbatim a paragraph from an INXS Documentary that their tour manager had said about him and put it in ‘his’ words. ‘He’ uses words an Australian would just never say like ‘hiney’ and ‘jerk’. The list goes on. It’s all absolute bull.
Quite a few psychics endorsed the book. I’m not saying all psychics are charlottens. These other people who had a few pages in the book gave a lot more of a coherent account than she did. But then they’re not releasing 700 page books of channeled material from dead celebrities. She goes off on tangents repeatedly about how “he” would only use one channel (her) because she’s so pure of heart and intention, how appalled spirits in the afterlife are by people who do mislead others by lying about connecting to spirit. How much more manipulative to the reader can you get. She quotes from The Bible, talking about the Kabbalah, trying to prove channeling is possible. It’s full on rammed down your throat. It gets really weird and a bit scary. Maybe these are things she believes are real and has researched, if that’s the case then fine. Write a book about that. But using Michael Hutchence’s readership to tell the world about it supposedly from his beautiful spirit. Really? Come on!
All I can say is she did her homework. I didn’t know he had his own fragrance, was close fiends with Dodi Al Fayed, had his teeth fixed (still not sure about that one), was forgetting his lyrics on the last US tour, was a Doors fan – still don’t think this is true, was a really good swimmer, recorded a Christmas song as a young boy. Of course all these things can be found and verified online.
Don’t remember Michael Hutchence this way. It breaks my heart as to what this must do to his family. A Tale it certainly is. Pure fiction not fact. I wouldn’t be surprised for a second if she wrote all the five star reviews herself. I hope this review has saved you $35.

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To the last reviewer, I would say if you do not believe in the whole premise the book is based on; i.e. Channeling then why
are you reading it? As I am only a quarter of the way through the book
this review is not complete. That said, i have read many channeled works before but none as clearly written and concise as this one. I am disappointed if one assumes we grow and evolve ' on the other side' Jim has not completely broken through. Since Morrison is the focus of the first part, that is all i have noted so far. He seems to have a lot of anger, unresolved regret and tons of other issues that sort of surprise me, considering how long he has been there. His poetry is beautiful and really inspired
and it is so great that we are being given this info. If you buy this book because you were a fan of the Doors or Inxs, that is not the point of the book. It truly is about a soul's journey from this plane to the next. One thing i would love to ask the author is about a statement that Jim makes, he states that because she is such a bright light, there is a football field worth of souls trying to get their message out. Yet only he and Michael get through. Makes one wonder if fame pays on the other side? It is a riveting read, well written and if you are following this path you will probably like it. If you are just looking for graphic details of your rock and roll idol's sex lives, this is not the book for you. But if you were a fan of both of these musicians and like reading channel material; that is real, you will love this book. I just pray oliver stone does not try to make it into a movie.


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