A Thief's Forgiveness

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Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2008 - Poetry - 116 pages
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This is the story of a man who spent a good part of his life running from his erroneous perception of God, which resulted in living nearly eleven years within the confinement of prisons, one of which was the famous Leavenworth In this story you'll experience first hand what it's like to be in prison and solitary confinement, to escape and be captured, to have attack dogs hunt you down ready to sink their teeth into your flesh, to be shot at and hide in the dark like a trapped animal while corrupt guards search for you.

This story will keep you on the edge of your seat! You'll try to predict all the twists and turns it'll take, but you'll be wrong. That's because it's real life not make believe Just when you think this young man has wised up, he does something else outlandish!

Though the road he chose was rough and perilous, he finally found his salvation and freedom both spiritually and physically Don't be surprised if tears come to your eyes when you read about the phenomenal, moving spiritual experience that literally saved his life; but the story doesn't end there! Even after he finds his salvation he makes unbelievable decisions that will shock you! Some of them will make you want to shake him to his senses, others will make you laugh and rejoice!

When you've finished reading this remarkable story, there will be a chapter explaining further how to find happiness on earth and live the life God intended you to have. It's a manual, if you will, on how to live successfully and joyously... This is the manual everyone has always said we didn't come with when we were born. The truth is, we did come with it! It's actually part of our innate programming. However, if it's not nurtured and cultivated while we're growing up, we lose a great deal of it, if not all, by the time we've reached adulthood. In order to relearn what God originally programmed in our "spiritual hard drive," we must change our erroneous perception and get rid of the insatiable, controlling ego! That can only be accomplished with the help of a Higher Spiritual Power, which the book clearly guides you on.

Author Marolyn A. Derby, volunteered to write this true-life story about Irving Eugene King, in order to help him get his message out to others like himself To give the book more meaning and depth she chose to use her spiritual and counseling background to offer tools and positive solutions on nearly every page. These spiritual tools and solutions will assist all who read it to find the answers they need concerning life, through the knowledge and understanding of "The Universal (God) Laws" that govern each of us; as surely as the law of gravity What's more, this book will help everyone to know and understand themselves and others, as well as the teachings of Christ, in a whole new way! Once you've read "A Thief's Forgiveness" you will have a more positive outlook about life and know how to live it honorably! What's more, you will no longer wonder about who you are or why you're here; you will know!

Marolyn A. Derby is a trained spiritual councilor, minister, speaker and health practioner of thirty-six years, who has dedicated her life to documenting and practicing the Universal God Laws and helping others to benefit by doing the same.

The tools in this book have been tried and proven over and over again to work! They are precise, easy to understand and simple to follow, because they are already an innate part of you This book is for everyone who is tired of living in fear and uncertainty. It will show you how to turn your life around for the better and teach you how to forgive and be forgiven, to love and be loved. It will even help you conquer mental and physical illness and give you inner peace

You will learn through the examples given, that when we misuse the Laws of the Universe, they end up biting us where the sun don

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